Volume 43, Number 170, July-September 2012



Alicia Girón


Energy Resources in Argentina: Analysis of Income
Marina Recalde

Foreignization and Industrial Economic Power in Argentina
Pablo Manzanelli and Martín Schorr

Systems of Banking and Production in Argentina
Víctor Fernández, Carolina Lauxmann and Julio Tealdo

Socio-Environmental Development Index for the State of Bahía
Leonardo Araújo, Elaine Fernandes and Patrícia Rosado

Economic Growth and Industrial Policy in Mexico
Cuauhtémoc Calderón and Isaac Sánchez

Emerging Countries: The Marxism-Institutionalism Controversy
Sergio Ordóñez



An Introduction to the Economies of Nature by Rosario Pérez, Sophie Ávila
and Alonso Aguilar
Monika Meireles

Fiscal Federalism in Mexico. A Proposal to Strengthen State Public Finance
by Nicolás Mandujano
Aderak Quintana

Poverty: Concepts, Measurement and Programs coordinated by Verónica Villarespe
Bernardo Ramírez

Female Labor: New Inequalities by Marina Chávez
Diana Atempa

Public Banking, Financial Crisis and Development coordinated by Alicia Girón, Eugenia Correa
and Patricia Rodríguez
Patricia Duarte