Since the publication of the first issue of our journal in October-December 1969 to date, the main objective has been to reflect upon and discuss issues relating to economic development. Different collaborators over the course of four decades have sought, from different perspectives, to provide the theory of development with its own direction, challenging orthodox views. In this new phase of Problemas del Desarrollo, efforts are specifically directed towards analyzing the paradigms of the economy within Latin American thinking.

The history of Problemas del Desarrollo is long and testament per se to the work of the Journal’s editors:

Mtro. Fernando Carmona de la Peña1969 to 1974
Mtro. Arturo Bonilla Sánchez1974 to 1980
Mtro. José Luis Ceceña Gámez1980 to 1985
Lic. Fausto Burgueño LomelíJanuary to December 1986
Dr. Alfredo Guerra Borges1987 to 1989
Dr. Salvador Rodríguez y Rodríguez1990 to 1998
Dra. Leticia Campos Aragón1998 to 2002
Dra. Esther Iglesias Lesaga2002 to 2010
Dra. Alicia Girón GonzálezJune 2010 to date